DHi CLASS Scholar - Kerri Grimaldi

Kerri Grimaldi

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Kerri Grimaldi is an English major at Hamilton College. As a DHi CLASS scholar, she is working with Professor Patricia O'Neill on The Beloved Witness project--a collaborative digital archive featuring the works of Kashmiri American poet, Agha Shahid Ali. Kerri is utilizing the archive to study the influence of Emily Dickinson's poetry on Shahid's. Kerri's work developed from her interest in the discourse formed between the works of the two poets, evident through Shahid's references to Dickinson. With the skills obtained from the DHi CLASS, she is exploring text analysis tools and creating a digital presentation of her research to visually present the intertextual relationship between Shahid’s poetry and Dickinson’s.  Kerri's project drafts include an essay, the first page of prototype webpage, storyboards of the second and third pages of the developing website, and an interpretative video.