Ted Fondak

Educational Technologist, Hamilton College

Ted Fondak is an Educational Technologist and an enthusiastic collaborator in the efforts of the Digital Humanities Initiative: he is present for as much of their workshop programming as possible; he has assisted Frank Sciacca's Dumpling Migration project, DHi's CLASS program, Nathan Goodale's Archaeology of Hamilton's Founding project, Tom Wilson's Virtual Asian Temples project, and the New York 6 Digital Humanities collaboration; and he has taught in DHi-supported classes such as Technology in Education (EDUC250,) Introduction to the Digital Humanities (CNMS100,) and e-Black Studies (AFRST304.)
Ted's interests include all aspects of teaching and learning; connecting people and ideas; catalyzing communities of practice; creativity; character; the past, present, and future of Higher Education and scholarship; strategy; outreach; and entrepreneurship.