Affiliate Events

Events hosted by DHi's affiliates

Apple & Quill: Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle

April 16, 2014
Lisa Forrest, MLS
Kristin L. Strohmeyer

Hamilton College's Burke Library presents Apple & Quill: Creative Arts at Burke, an innovative series focusing on creative writing, music, and the visual arts. With support from Hamilton's Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) and Audiovisual Services, the series is recorded and archived for future teaching and research opportunities. The spring 2014 lineup showcased Hamilton's book arts collection, and included a series of book arts themed events.

FILM Sunday Series, Fall 2013

September 29, 2013

Hamilton College presents the Forum for Image and Language in Motion (FILM) Sunday Series, Fall 2013. All events are free and the public is cordially invited. Events are presented in the Bradford Auditorium in the Kirner-Johnson building at 2:00 on Sunday afternoons (except when otherwise indicated).

(See full post for schedule and event details.)

Peeping Tom

September 17, 2010

Peeping Tom tells the story of Mark Lewis, whose passion for photography is gruesomely linked to the murders of several young women. Peeping Tom has much in common with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho: both films were released in the summer of 1960, both are clever psychological portraits of creepy young men, and both play with the expectations of their audiences.