Student Intern

DHi's student interns

Tsion Tesfaye - Class of 2016

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Tsion Tesfaye is a member of Class of 2016 from Holeta, Ethiopia. During her first year at Hamilton, Tesfaye worked closely with the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees, particularly with The Newcomer Classroom. By working with The Refugee Project, she hope to learn more about the lives of immigrants in the Utica area and expand her interest in academia. Tesfaye planned to pursue a Math and/or Physics major.

Dima Kaigorodov - Class of 2016

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Dima Kaigorodov is a member of the class of 2016 from Chisinau, Moldova. His academic interests include Economics, World Politics and Cinema and New Media Studies. He worked on the Refugee Project as a videographer, video editor and creative consultant. While working on the project he hoped to polish his filming and editing skills and learn more about the use of video in the Digital Humanities world.

Philippa Schwarzkopf - Class of 2016

DHi Post-Baccalaureate Research Fellow, Hamilton College

Philippa (Pippa) Schwarzkopf was the Digital Humanities Initiative's post-baccalaureate research fellow. As a senior DHi Intern, Pippa worked on a variety of oral history projects, both capturing interviews as a videographer and creating archives as a metadata cataloguer. Following graduation, she continued to assist on projects as a videographer, video editor, and creative consultant while training the interns who will continue the DHi's exploration of documentary film as a research component.

Sydney Rutman - Class of 2013

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Sydney Rutman is a member of the class of 2013. She majored in Sociology and minored in Education at Hamilton College. She spent a semester studying in Australia at the University of Sydney. She worked with Dr. Erol Balkan on the early (pre-filming) stages of his documentary, "The Euphrates Project." She worked as a production and development intern. Sydney previously interned in the development department at Animal Planet (Discovery Communications) in a past summer and hoped to further her understanding and skills in the media industry.

Hannah Fine - Class of 2016

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Hannah Fine is a member of the class of 2016 at Hamilton College, originally from White Plains, New York. She concentrated in English and Creative Writing, with minors in Cinema & New Media Studies and Mathematics. A lover of all things mediated and technological, she hopes to one day work in television production or fashion public relations. As an intern with the Digital Humanities Initiative, Hannah primarily focused on communication, working with social media, newsletters, and publicity.

Max Lopez - Class of 2015

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Max Lopez is a member of the class of 2015 and majored in archaeology at Hamilton College. Having been interested in archaeology since a very young age, Max worked with Professor Nathan Goodale on a site in the Slocan Valley of British Columbia. The site consists of a series of pit houses or winter homes for the Native Americans that inhabited it. Max, who had been working with and learning 3D digital modeling software over the previous summer, visited the site and using GPS/GIS technology mapped the pit houses.

Mary Lehner - Class of 2012

DHi Digital Asset Management Consultant , Hamilton College

Mary Lehner '12 graduated from Hamilton College with a concentration in Environmental Studies, with minors in Physics and Math. Her interests are broad ranging and encompass digital and performance art in addition to science. Mary's background in web design, computer programming, graphic design and video led to the position she held for two years as a Rich Media Research and Development Intern in ITS at Hamilton. In that role, she helped faculty and students in research and course projects incorporating multimedia for analysis and/or creative expression.