Student Intern

DHi's student interns

Matt Goon - Class of 2018

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Matt Goon is a member of the class of 2018 from New Jersey. He is a Computer Science major with interests in many other disciplines including Anthropology, Cinema and New Media Studies, Digital Arts, Economics, and History. He works with Dr. Angel Nieves, Janet Simons, and Greg Lord on all of DHi's technical needs such as student/intern assistance, web development, interactive media, 3D modeling, and virtual environment projects (including Blender and Unity-related tasks). He hopes to apply many of the skills practiced and acquired at DHi to life after college.

Nat Colburn - Class of 2018

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Nathaniel Colburn '18 is a creative writing major and computer science minor from Laguna Beach, California. He is excited to begin exploring the infinity of uses for interactive media, especially video games, starting with the Soweto Historical GIS Project. He will learn the technical skills to bring such projects to fruition and aims to become an adept at 3D modeling, coding, and other nuts and bolts. For fun, he surfs (assuming there is an ocean nearby), reads, and games. 

Samantha Donohue - Class of 2018

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Samantha is a member of the class of 2018 from Summit, New Jersey.  She is majoring in Cinema and Media Studies and Creative Writing. She joined the DHi as a sophomore and is currently working on the Soweto project, mapping a timeline of the Mandela House. She hopes to learn more of the technical skills necessary to pursue her passion for storytelling through the Soweto project and through future work on the Biko and NOLA projects.

Talia Vaughan - Class of 2018

DHi CLASS Scholar, Hamilton College

Talia Vaughan is a member of the class of 2018 from Madison, New Hampshire. She is a Religious Studies major with other interests in Anthropology and History. She started her work with the Digital Humanities Initiative in her sophomore year, working first on the NOLA project, transcribing oral histories for use in the collection. She is currently working with Dr.

Alex Cadet - Class of 2017

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Alex is in the class of 2017 at Hamilton College. His interdisciplinary major (Technology & Society) explores how technology and society shape each other. He joined the DHi during his sophomore year and has worked on various DHi projects. Through his work with the DHi, Alex is hoping to gain new perspectives on how digital technology and user experience intersect.

Kaitie McPhee - Class of 2016

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Kaitie is a member of the class of 2016, and majored in Mathematics and Art. She is originally from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She worked as a videographer and video editor at the DHi. Through her experiences at the DHi, she hoped to combine her passions of art and mathematics using the multitude of resources and opportunities that digital media has to offer.

Kevin Xiao - Class of 2015

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Kevin Xiao majored in Computer Science major and minored in Economics at Hamilton College. He got involved with the Digital Humanities initiative during the second semester of his Junior year while attending "Introduction to Digital Humanities" taught by Prof. Nieves. He assisted Greg Lord with DHi's 3D modeling and virtual environment projects, including Blender and Unity-related tasks. 

Allie Goodman - Class of 2015

DHi Student Intern, Hamilton College

Allie Goodman is a member of the class of 2015 from New York City. She majored in American Studies with a minor in Sociology and Cinema and New Media. As an intern with the Digital Humanities Initiative Allie worked with Dr. Nieves on the Soweto Historical GIS (SHGIS) Project, mostly as a research intern. She is exited to continue learning much more about Digital Humanities, DHi's developing role in academic fields, and contribute to the efforts to incorporate Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship in academia. She is thankful for being able to participate in the initiative!