Islandora Consortium Group

Members of the ICG (Islandora Consortium Group)

Steve Young

ITS Network Services Unix/HPC System Administrator, Hamilton College

Steve Young is a Unix/HPC System Administrator within the ITS's Network Services Team at Hamilton College. His responsibilities are primarily managing the Unix based High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters for the College. Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Economics, and Physics have active research programs requiring HPC resources at Hamilton. Steve has 20 years experience working with Unix based systems and open source software.

Lisa McFall

Metadata and Digital Initiatives Librarian, Hamilton College
Lisa McFall is the Metadata and Digital Initiative Librarian at Hamilton College. She is responsible for overseeing metadata creation for the library’s projects, maintaining consistent metadata across collections, assisting with building projects in Shared Shelf, helping with Hamilton's Institutional Repository, and serving on the DHi Collection Development Team.

Peter MacDonald

Library Information Systems Specialist, Hamilton College

Peter MacDonald has 25 years of experience working in academic libraries at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Harvard Law School and currently at Hamilton College. At Harvard he developed the Web display mechanism for the Nuremberg Trials papers. He is currently the Library Information Systems Specialist at Hamilton College (Clinton, New York) where he manages the library's digital collections, which includes over 2,000 TEI-encoded pages of Civil War letters and 8,000 TEI-encoded pages of a 19th-Century Shaker journal.

Angel David Nieves, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Former Co-Director, Digital Humanities Initiative, Hamilton College

Angel David Nieves, Ph.D. is  co-founder and former Co-Director of Hamilton’s Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) which is recognized as a leader among small-liberal arts colleges in the Northeast (see,  As Co-Director, he has raised over $2.7 million dollars in foundation and institutional support for digital humanities scholarship at Hamilton.  He is also Research Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Gregory Lord

Lead Designer & Software Engineer, Hamilton College

Gregory Lord is DHi's Lead Designer and Software Engineer, leading the creation of the varied web and graphic designs that represent DHi, and lending his skills as a web programmer to the design and implementation of its digital projects as part of DHi's Collection Development Team.  Prior to his work at Hamilton and DHi, Greg began his work in the digital humanities at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) in 2005, and continued to develop his design and programming skills as a freelance